Residential Solar

The Only all-in-one, complete home solar system

The Only all-in-one, complete home solar system

Residential Solar

Integrated design, unmatched performance.

Your solar purchase is backed with a 25 year warranty that the modules are guaranteed to produce at least 86% of their original power output. You can trust in high performance at weak sunlight and even in hot temperatures where conventional panels fall short.



Primary Specs
Panels needed: 6kW system
SunPower 18 Panels
Conventional 24 Panels
Panels needed: 8kW system
SunPower 24 Panels
Conventional 32 Panels
Back Panel Options Black, White
25 Year Warranty Panel, microinverter, mounting hardware
10 Year Warranty Monitoring hardware


SunPower® Panels

SunPower’s elegant panels achieve a world-record setting 22% efficiency rate, the highest available. They produce 70% more energy in the same space over 25 years than a conventional system2. With the highest efficiency on the market3, the panels in a SunPower Equinox system occupy less space on your roof for the same size system, so they complement your roof without overwhelming it.


With always-on connectivity, EnergyLink™ provides homeowners with real-time data on their system’s solar energy production. EnergyLink™ also features added capabilities including real-time energy use data, and Smart Energy capabilities for added insights on a home’s energy profile. Availability of features may vary and may require additional installation steps and cost.

EnergyLink™ is the only solar monitoring technology built with 4 automatic backup communication options so you always have real-time access to your system — Ethernet, Power Line Communication (PLC), WiFi, and Cellular

Maxeon® Cells

SunPower’s Maxeon® solar cells capture sunlight using a unique design that allows more light to be captured. Plus, their copper-backed design reinforces cell strength, resists corrosion and stays reliable over the long haul. Your SunPower Equinox™ system keeps the energy going, no matter what the weather throws at you.


The EnergyLink™ Ecosystem

Provides real-time data on your system’s solar production, along with Smart Energy tools to understand and manage your energy profile.

Many layers, singular strength.

SunPower Equinox systems feature solar cells designed with solid copper backing and unique light-trapping surfaces to capture more sunlight over longer periods of time than conventional cells can.

Power and beauty,
on top of one roof.

The only thing that matches the elegance of SunPower® panels is their performance. SunPower panels generate energy at a world-record efficiency rate1, producing 70% more energy in the same space over the life of the system2.

Obvious elegance,
concealed genius.

Built-in microinverters hidden behind each panel ensure that power optimization and conversion happen at the source, minimizing shading and light disruptions to maximize power.

From minimal design comes maximum impact.

SunPower’s proprietary InvisiMount® frame is designed to be completely hidden, giving SunPower Equinox best-in-class aesthetics that 8 in 10 homeowners prefer over conventional systems.3

InvisiMount® Hardware

Exclusively engineered to showcase SunPower® panels, our proprietary frame is designed to be hidden, so that beautiful solar is the only thing you see.

Why SunPower Panels

SunPower Cells

Produces 55% more energy than conventional cells in the first year of operation.

SunPower Cells

Uses a copper backing, helping to add strength and resist corrosion.

SunPower Cells

Thick, robust connectors flex with unpredictable temperature changes.

Conventional Cells

Metal paste connections block light and corrode over time.

Conventional Cells

Metal paste is fragile and cracks easily.

Conventional Cells

Any connection breakage renders the cell useless.