Acumen Remote Control

Acumen Remote Control

Remote Control Instructions:

    1. Room Temp Display – This is where the room temperature is displayed. There is a sensor on the back of the remote that measures the temperature.

    2. Timer – You can set how long you want your fireplace to stay on – up to 120 minutes. Press once and the display “- – -” will blink. Use the Up and Down buttons to set the timer. You will see the chosen time on the display. Press “Timer” again to cancel. Then you will press the “Auto On/Off” button to turn on the fireplace. The fireplace will turn off at the end of the timer.

    3. Clock – Set the clock on your remote. Hold “Clock” for about 5 seconds and use the “Up & Down” buttons to set the clock. The clock is the number on the bottom right of the display. Press “Clock” again to switch to minutes and again to change from Farenheit to Celcius. Press “Clock” again to exit.

    4. Manual On/Off – Press the button once to light the fireplace, press again to turn it off. In Manual mode, the remote will not turn the fireplace off even if the room temperature exceeds the set temperature. The fireplace will turn off automatically after 6 hours.

    5. Set Temp Display – This is where your set temperature will display. You will choose this below.

    6. Clock Display – This is your clock display. Follow step 3 to change the chosen time.

    7. Temp Controls – Use these buttons to move the temperature up and down. Number 5 shows you the set temp display. You will also use these buttons to change the timer and the clock.

    8. Auto On/Off – Selecting “Auto On/Off” means you can use the Up & Down buttons to control the temperature. You can set the temperature between 45°F and 90°F. Press the button once and “Auto” will appear on the LCD. This means it is on. When Auto Mode is on the remote will automatically turn on the fireplace when the room temperature is below the target temperature and turn off the fireplace when the temperature is above the target. This will happen within 2°F – 3°F of the set temperature.

      Reprogramming the Remote Control if Batteries Die or Power Goes Out

      1. Slide the receiver switch to the Off position.

      2. Remove and replace the batteries.

      3. Turn the receiver switch to the On position.

      4. Hold the On button on the transmitter (remote) for a couple of seconds.

      Please see the Remote Instructions for Changing Batteries, Installation Cautions, Safety Features, Installing the Remote Receiver in a Fireplace, Operating Cautions.

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