Stay Home, Stay Safe, Relax

Staying home has changed our daily routines, but one thing remains the same, hot tub owners enjoying their hot tub. Every Day Made Better® is the mantra for HotSpring Spas for a reason. More quality time spent with family is made easier as children are continuing education online and parents are working from home.  The time spent in a hot tub without social media or our phones has brought about interesting conversations and better interactions with each other. Every day is a day to connect with your loved ones and now more than ever let’s use this time to connect with your family.

On the flip side of spending time together is taking a moment to hot tub alone. To be in your backyard surrounded by greenery, to let your mind float and relax. This is the ultimate “me” time as everyone else in your family are busy doing their thing. As you sit there in your hot tub it becomes easy to melt away the stress of all the anxiety from the news, social media or any other worries. For those who live on their own, add soaking in your hot tub as a daily part of your life. These are challenging times and a mood boost for any one of us is a huge positive. Be sure to take advantage of the endorphins released in our body from soaking in hot water.

There are many health benefits to soaking in a hot tub, including reduced stress and pain, better circulation through your body, increased flexibility and even improved sleep. More research and studies show that soaking in hot water benefit our health. I might also add that while taking a bath is nice, it is sure way more convenient to not have to fill a tub up each time and save water by soaking in a hot tub. Simply slide into your hot tub that is already full of warm water, ready when you need it to relax and enjoy.

Spending time exercising is also important for our health and wellness. There are endless exercise programs out there to make working out from home a cinch and can be done with little to no equipment. Take yoga for example; its a mind body experience that keeps your body moving and limber. Flexibility is important to prevent injuries for athletes all the way to maintaining strength and movement as we enter our senior years. Yoga along with hot tubbing help to increase flexibility and spending time in a hot tub even helps ease the pain for those who have arthritis.

With your HotSpring Spa Every Day Made Better®.

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