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Most solar panels on the market have an average efficiency rating of 14%.

This number represents the panel’s efficiency of converting the sun’s energy into power.  LG solar panels have efficiency ratings of 20.3%-20.8%.

Low-Light Conditions

LG panels turn on earlier and shut down later than conventional solar panels. LG panels also perform impressively in overcast and rainy conditions. High-Heat Conditions: Most might say that a hot sunny day is the ideal solar-production day—but because of the limitations inherent in conventional solar, some panels underperform and might shut down in high-heat conditions.  The n-type cells used in LG NeON® R have almost no boron. This leads to less LID (Light Induced Degradation) right after installation.

Break-In Period

Because of how conventional solar is manufactured, it undergoes a “break-in period.” This period is when conventional solar is turned on and allowed to produce power. Conventional solar panels lose 3% of their efficiency and never recover it. Thankfully, LG NeON® R panels never experience “break-in.”
All these advantages save the consumer money, both immediately and over time.

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