Proflame 2 Transmitter

Proflame 2 Transmitter

Proflame 2 Remote Controls

  • Blue Backlit LCD Display – This is where you will select your modes, change your temperatures, set your timers and much more!

  • On/Off Key – This is your power button. Click once to turn on. Click this button again to turn off.

  • Thermostat Key – This button has three functions: thermostat on, thermostat smart (automatically modulates the flame and the blower), thermostat off (used when you want to operate manually).

  • Up/Down Arrow Key – Used to raise the flame and blower.

  • Mode Key – As you press this button, you can rotate through the different functions. Select the flame mode. You can use the Up/Down Arrow Key to select the different levels of the flame (1-6). If you continue to push the down arrow, it will turn off the flame. The next function is the fan. The fan will turn on at 3 and you can turn it up or down from there.

  • Reprogram Remote – Open the bottom of the fireplace insert, find the “PRG” for program and use a paperclip to push the button. You will hear a beep. Do not push excessively. Then you will push and hold the main power button on the remote until you hear another beep. The remote is reprogrammed.

Please see the full Instruction Manual for all modes and functionality.
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