Dear 2020

As one of our customers put it let’s get that Christmas tree up and call it a year. We laughed in agreement, there is no doubt that 2020 has brought on a whirlwind of challenges to our community, our business, industry, customers, and our employees.

COVID 19 has impacted our company on even the smallest of levels. It is amazing how our staff has been forced to make adaptations and are doing their best each day. Some of this change is inevitable, such as our sales team using more online and phone selling than having shoppers walk through our doors. There has already been a shift in the directions of buying our products over the phone, but staying at home altered the shift rapidly and dramatically.

The stay at home movement due to containing the spread of this disease has led to an increase in demand in the hot tub industry, unlike any we have ever seen before in our 36 years of business. The demand is there, however the supply chain has suffered due to COVID 19. Our hot tub manufacturer HotSpring Spas had to shut down their production of making hot tubs, and we were not the only dealer this happened to in the Fresno/Clovis community. High demand and short supply have led to asking our customers for their patience. Luckily, we are fortunate to have ordered large quantities as early as we could. We also offer Tropic Seas Spas that did not stop their production and have hot tub truckloads rolling in again.

We have dramatically increased our hot tub sales from previous years due to this high demand. Many of people who had planned a vacation had to shift gears stay home and look at their yard thinking a hot tub would be a great addition to your lives and routines. We couldn’t agree more and have been ordering truckloads of hot tubs all the way into 2021. We even have a board in our showroom that shoppers can look at that has a list of all the truckloads that are coming in.

As for service repairs or maintenance there was a short period of time where we did not have our technician go into the homes to make these repairs. However, anything hot tub related was always on the table as the customer could stay inside while our technician worked safely outside repairing the spa. Fireplace repairs and cleanings are back on, we just ask for safe distance for our technician to work.

Then the riots happened. As our business in on Blackstone St, we were told to leave work early just in case the riots got out of hand. Thankfully, the protests were peaceful, and no damage was done to our store or surrounding stores, so that was a positive.

Just when you or at least I was wondering what next? What is going to happen next month? It was just human nature to ask this question and the answer came in flames. The California fires are taking over thousands of acres, homes and businesses destroyed. We send our prayers, thoughts, and good vibes to those in our community who have lost their home or had to have a quick evacuation to safety.


I think we are all ready to jump into fall and winter months. Hopefully, they are uneventful, in a positive way. A time to reflect, live in the present, enjoy what we have and our blessings. Let us focus on the positives in this world as it is so easy to dwell in the negative. Let us calm our minds, give the do to lists rest, the busy running around a break, time to restore our minds and hearts during one of the best times of year, fall season. Take time for yourself and for others. The smoke will clear, and temperatures will keep dropping, it’s the perfect time to soak in your hot tub to reflect and feel peace. The hot tub is a distraction free zone, just you and the bubbling warm water. And as it gets even colder, sitting around the fireplace is such a nice treat for you and your loved ones. Gather around and watch the flames dance in your wood, pellet or gas insert or freestanding stove. We help hundreds of customers find the fireplace that fits their home and style each year, we expect this year to be no different in that regard. The shopping in our store might look a little different with masks and distancing, however the knowledgeable sales team and staff are here to assist you, just as we have for over 36 years. We welcome our new customers and thank those that have supported us over time, we appreciate our customers very much.


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