Gas or Electric Fireplace: Which One Is Better for You and Your Home?

Gas Fireplace Pros:

  • Generates more heat, up to three times as much as electric
  • Stunning natural flame
  • Little maintenance, the gas fireplace requires a yearly checkup which also includes cleaning the insert
  • Vented through existing chimney, dual vent system to heat the home more efficiently one chamber draws outside air in for the fire and the other expels the fires byproducts
  • Able to use the fireplace during a power outage, does not rely on electricity to function

Gas Fireplace Cons:

  • Hot to touch, although with the recent modification of a built-in screen children and pets are more protected than before
  • The fireplace insert is permanently installed
  • Needs a gas line or if on propane a conversion kit is an option

Electric Fireplace Pros:

  • Not a permanent installation, plug and play appliance
  • Beautiful flame that is synthetic, made to look real
  • Low maintenance, no annual cleaning

Electric Fireplace Cons:

  • Less heat output than gas, comparable to a space heater, more for looks
  • Cannot use when power is out


The easiest way to narrow down your decision between electric and gas would be the simple fact that the gas insert is a zone heater with a natural flame that is built to heat your home, the electric appliance does not produce the heat the way the gas insert does. The electric insert is a good option if your main objection is aesthetics in the home and heat output is not as concerning to you. To run an electric fireplace costs approximately 15 cents per hour. A gas fireplace costs approximately 32 cents per hour, so an evening of enjoying the fireplace would cost about $2. There is also the Valley Air Rebate up to $3,000 towards switching from wood fireplace to a clean burning gas unit. The electric fireplace heats a couple hundred square feet versus gas that produces radiant heat that heats a couple thousand square feet. The gas unit replaces your HVAC during the cold winter months, saving you money. We hope that this information helps you to make your decision on whether you will purchase a gas insert or electric insert.

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