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Add a little magic to your backyard with string lights that brings the “wow” factor. Having lights surround your hot tub also adds to the romance. As soaking in a hot tub is a sensory experience, with the hot tub mood lighting, Bluetooth music sound system built into your hot tub (select models only), the warm feeling of the water, and smell of the spa with our spa scents that come in many different varieties. The only sensory missing is taste, as we don’t recommend drinking the hot tub water, might we suggest a small table on the side of the hot tub for after you get out to enjoy chocolate dipped strawberries in your bath robes. Strawberries are in season after all, one of the great benefits of the Central Valley’s summer heat.

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Here is a picture of the Spazazz spa scents, there are other scents not pictured that might meet your fancy. Give us a call for the other scents and we can have a bottle ready for pickup along with your other water care items.

Spa scents to add therapy relief to your hot tub

It is important to know how to hang up your string lights even if you do not have a deck or covered patio. I’m sure there are more expensive ideas out there, however I like the idea of adding a wooden post into a cement bucket in order to have a place for your lights to string to. For those with a beautiful deck, take advantage with an even easier way to get those string lights up, by using what you have. There are also many different types of string lights out there to use, here is a list of the top 8 string lights in 2020. This is one of those honey-do’s that your honey will not mind doing. Simple, easy and transforms your backyard into a romantic staycation or fun social environment to make future entertaining more enjoyable. Tell us about your at home string light project and if the outcome was everything you were hoping.

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