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This Mother’s Day is obviously going to be a bit different than past Mother’s Days. The family gathering may not be as large and the traditions may be altered, however let us be sure to thank our moms for their hard work, as raising children is not easy. Sunday is just around the corner, do you have Mother’s Day plans in place for mom? The mom’s of Energy House explain what makes them happy to be a Mother and what they are doing for Mother’s Day.

HotSpring Mother's Day

Our Office Manager, Olivia Hinkle, has two sons Eric 43 years old and Steve 40 years old. Olivia said, “Steve was born the day after Mother’s Day and some years it falls onto the same day.” We then joked about how sharing his wife’s Mother’s Day with his birthday could be a lot going on in one day and how maybe splitting the day up could be a solution. When asked about her favorite part about being a Mom, Olivia said, “Watching them grow up and see how they both became great husbands and fathers.” This was also a similar response for the Father’s Day post created last year. All around we love to see what amazing adults the children become.

A fond family tradition of hers was to make sure that they gathered around the dinner table no interruptions, just good conversation asking about how their day went. The plans for Olivia’s family this Mother’s Day weekend will be different due to the pandemic, as they will be seeing their kids and grandchildren in the front yard looking out the window or by video chat. Normally, the family would celebrate with her Daughter-In-Law together in their home with the grandchildren there, except for Steve and his four children who live in Missouri.

Mothers Day in a robe

Our Salesperson, Sandy Reed, has a daughter Lisa 45 years old and son Sean 50 years old. Sandy’s favorite part about being a mom is, “being together as a family and being able to at the same time be involved in our own things. For example, just the other day her son and daughter were playing guitar, completely different songs and sounds, and her granddaughter was making something with her sewing machine, all while I was cooking in the kitchen. They asked why I was so quiet and really, I just loved having them around and didn’t mind the different noises one bit, it felt like old times when they were just kids.

For Mother’s Day plans Sandy and her kids normally would go out to brunch and then go to the Japanese Tea Garden and then feed the ducks. This year, we are staying home cooking corn beef and we are going to plant flowers and maybe watch a movie. As Sandy lives with her daughter and granddaughter and still spends time with her son, she is still able to enjoy her family even during the highs and lows of this pandemic.

Grandma and Grandpa enjoying hot tub time this mothers day

Our Marketing Coordinator and Office Assistant, Jacque Rejcek, has one son Grayson who is almost 2 and another little one on the way. When asked about her favorite part of being a mom she said, “The time spent with Grayson and just seeing how much he has grown really has felt accelerated. The best part is hearing those baby giggles and just how quickly he is catching on to everything that we do. His latest hobby has been putting his little chair into the kitchen and being able to watch us clean and cook. Simple chores seem exciting to him, at least for now. A happy memory with our family is of us sitting around the dinner table and playing Queen we will rock you, while banging on the table and clapping our hands to the beat and singing along.

For plans for Mother’s Day, “I’m not sure what we will be doing, most likely my husband will cook breakfast and we will go on a walk around our neighborhood.” As a pregnant mom with one busy toddler, I recommend for any family’s with younger children, a day to spend time with family and squeeze in some her time to relax maybe even take a nap.

No matter how grown up your kids are, give mom some extra love this holiday. These are stressful and testing times for many parents, especially for those whose kids are at home and mom has taken on the role of parent and teacher. Also, many moms are provider or are unable to work currently. Let us help our family, friends, and neighbors in any way we can. Remember to shop local to help small businesses stay afloat during these times, keep our local economy flowing. Have a Happy Mother’s Day Energy House customers!

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