View The Next Full Moon From Your Hot Tub

September 20, 2021 marks the date of the next full moon.

This moon is known for many names Corn Moon being one                                                        name for it was the time of the year farmers harvested their corn. Sometimes farmers needed to work late with the light of the moon to harvest their crops. The Corn Moon will last for three days according to NASA, so you have from Sunday evening to Wednesday morning to get a glimpse of the full moon. Also, Jupiter, Saturn and Venus will be easy to spot all month long.

Get your hot tub ready to soak in as the view as the full moon will be here very soon. We believe their is no better way to enjoy the view than from your own backyard, soaking in hot water. There are apps out there to track what exactly you are looking at in the sky, Star Tracker, Google Sky, and Sky Map just to name a few. Make sure that the lights are turned off to really enjoy your sky view.

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