How to Light A Pilot Light

How To Light A Pilot Light

How to Light A Pilot Light Instructions:

    1. Pilot Light Valve – Turn the pilot valve to the “L” position. Once the pilot valve is in the “L” position, push the pilot control valve and hold down. 

    2. Striker– As you hold this button down, strike the striker to the right side. There should be a spark and your pilot light is lit.

    3. Pilot Light Not Coming On– As most of our customers turn the light back on once a year, as temperatures begin to drop, sometimes it may not spark right away. If this is the case, you will need to hold the pilot valve for three to five minutes, while sparking every 10-15 seconds. This will purge the air out of the line. Once lit keep holding the valve to heat up the thermocouple in the insert.

    4. When The Pilot Light is Lit- turn the valve to the “On” position and you are ready to enjoy your gas insert. 

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