The Benefits & Easy Steps to Shopping Local for a Hot Tub

As you may know at this point in your search for a perfect tub, Fantasy spas are exclusively sold through a vast network of local hot tub dealerships. This means that we make spas for dealers who then sell them to their community. Your local dealers have vast knowledge their brands and the community. The purchase process is simple, and often includes lots of perks that buyers would not experience with an online purchase.

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Hot tubs for sale can be found in several places; Online retailers, traveling spa and trade shows, and even neighborhood sales boards for used goods. With these types of purchases, you sometimes take a chance on too-good-to-be-true prices that don’t come with any service, customer help lines, water care information, guarantees, simple delivery, warranty, etc.

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Buying local comes with tons of perks that make your hot tub journey easy breezy. Luckily, it’s simple to get soaking in a Fantasy spa.

The first step to soaking in your perfect spa is to browse the different models. Keep in mind your preferred color combinations, jet count, seating arrangements, and size of the spas. The Entice is perfect for families and those who love hosting guests, while the Aspire is for singles or couples with limited space for a spa. Also keep in mind the differences between Sport Series versus Premier Series.

Don’t know how to pick you perfect spa? Your dealer is the expert in all things hot tub related, and will be able to help you choose. Another benefit to purchasing from a dealer versus online!

Step two is to locate your local Fantasy dealer, and either contact them or stop on by their store to inquire about pricing and availability. Keep in mind that every dealer is different; Pricing and availability will vary depending on where you are. It’s also important to note that in the rare event that your spa needs to be fixed, your local dealer is the one to contact. Make sure you choose a dealer close by!

The third step is optional, but so fun! You can schedule a wet or dry test of your favorite spa(s). These tests allow you to soak or sit in the tubs at the dealership and test out the jets, seating depths and configurations, tub texture, and more!

Once you find your perfect match, place an order! During this exciting fourth step, your dealer will keep you updated on expected ship dates and arrival times. This is also when you can add on any extras, like white glove delivery, steps, cover lifters, water care products, and any other accessories offered by your dealer.

Some dealers even offer a cash & carry program, where you can take your spa home with you on the same day! Just make extra sure it fits in your vehicle. (The Aspire fits in any standard SUV, Minivan, or pickup truck! And, at just 250 lbs., it’s easy for two people to move it anywhere. It even fits in standard elevators and through doorways, hallways… you name it!)

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Step five is when your spa arrives!

If you do not choose white glove delivery, the spa will most likely come as a standard delivery with placement in your backyard. Keep in mind it may be fully wrapped with packaging materials, which will be yours to unwrap and dispose of.

The spas are light, so with a few strong friends, it’s relatively simple to place. Be sure to measure clearance on the path they will need to take and compare with the spa’s dimensions. Then simply place, fill, and plug in your spa to get going!

If you opt for white glove delivery, the dealer’s team will take care of the entire set up process from start to finish. This includes delivering and moving the spa to your desired spot, ensuring the ground is level, unwrapping and discarding of packaging material, plugging it in, filling it up, testing all components, treating the water and teaching you how to maintain it, and assembling or setting up any accessories like cover lifters, steps, and more.

And that’s it! You are now the proud owner of a shiny new Fantasy spa for many years to come. What are you waiting for?

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