Kozy Heat fireplaces are manufactured in Lakefield, Minnesota, an area that is no doubt used to cold weather conditions. They are a family-owned business and have been in business for 40 years building wood and gas fireplaces. Kozy Heat specializes in making zone heaters. This means that compared to your HVAC unit that is heating … Read More

Gas or Electric Fireplace: Which One Is Better for You and Your Home?

Gas Fireplace Pros: Generates more heat, up to three times as much as electric Stunning natural flame Little maintenance, the gas fireplace requires a yearly checkup which also includes cleaning the insert Vented through existing chimney, dual vent system to heat the home more efficiently one chamber draws outside air in for the fire and … Read More

View The Next Full Moon From Your Hot Tub

September 20, 2021 marks the date of the next full moon. This moon is known for many names Corn Moon being one                                                        name for it was the time … Read More

Correlation Between Hot Tubs and Blood Pressure

We all l know that diet and exercise influence our health, including our blood pressure. And now there is another contender to our overall health to add to the list,  soaking in a hot tub. I know not another thing to have to worry about when it comes to our health. Don’t worry this one … Read More

Dear 2020

As one of our customers put it let’s get that Christmas tree up and call it a year. We laughed in agreement, there is no doubt that 2020 has brought on a whirlwind of challenges to our community, our business, industry, customers, and our employees. COVID 19 has impacted our company on even the smallest … Read More

Top 5 Things You Should Not Do to Your Hot Tub

Energy House encourages our customers to get into their hot tub and relax and believe owning a HotSpring® Spa makes Every Day Made Better™. To keep enjoying your hot tub our service technicians recommend following these guidelines for what not to do to your hot tub. Regular maintenance of your hot tub could save our … Read More

Light Up Your World

Add a little magic to your backyard with string lights that brings the “wow” factor. Having lights surround your hot tub also adds to the romance. As soaking in a hot tub is a sensory experience, with the hot tub mood lighting, Bluetooth music sound system built into your hot tub (select models only), the … Read More

Moms of Energy House

This Mother’s Day is obviously going to be a bit different than past Mother’s Days. The family gathering may not be as large and the traditions may be altered, however let us be sure to thank our moms for their hard work, as raising children is not easy. Sunday is just around the corner, do … Read More

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